Where’d It Go?!

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For the last roughly three months, oil has gushed into the Gulf of Mexico from BPs damaged well. British Petroleum and our own government have amassed a virtual army to clean the mess up. But there’s only one problem………. they’re having a harder and harder time finding “the problem”…..what they need to clean up……THE OIL!

That’s right. They can’t find the oil! The size of the oil slick continues to shrink. At one point last month the oil slick was the size of Kansas. But during the process of shrinking….. and shrinking pretty rapidly I might add…. it’s now about the size of New Hampshire – maybe, not even that big.

Someone recently drew an analogy: if you compared the Gulf of Mexico to the new Cowboys Stadium, and you filled the stadium with water, the proportional amount of oil in that stadium full of water, is roughly equivalent to a 24 ounce can of beer. It’s that small! And it’s getting smaller as I type.

ABC recently had a piece titled “Mother Nature Is Doing Her Job”. Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University made that exact statement “Mother Nature is just doing her job”. Personally, I find it rather curious that in this particular instance, Mother Nature is given credit for doing her job…… so why don’t you ever hear anyone in the fraudulent global warming movement use that term?

Doesn’t it seem a bit contradictory? Cleaning up what has been described as the “worst environmental disaster in US history” – (the oil spill) – Mother Nature is doing just fine! But when it comes to global warming, Mother Nature is being defeated by human beings, and can’t recover without our intervention! But I digress.

And how pathetic is it, that even when Obama appears on The View – regarding the oil spill – he’s STILL the least qualified guy in the room! Sorry, I’m digressing again. But I mean…..’Cmon! He turns down the invitation from the Boy Scouts Of America to speak at their 100th Anniversary celebration……for The View?! What’s next, a guest shot on Home Shopping Network?

The disappearing oil phenomenon has the antique media highly distressed. The majority of the talking heads are in an absolute quandary:

SUZANNE MALVEAUX said “It may sound too good to be true. Much of the oil that gushed into the Gulf for months now seems to have disappeared.”

DIANE SAWYER asked “Where is all the oil? On day 98 much of the oil spill is actually hard to see!”

JEFFREY KOFMAN stated that “According to experts, much of it was reabsorbed into the environment.”

ED OVERTON reported “Mother Nature is doing what she’s supposed to do, and we are losing most of it to microbial degradation in the ocean.”

ANDERSON COOPER sounded much like Diane Sawyer asking “Where is the oil? What does this mean? Is this good news that it’s all dissipating?”

And as far as Mother Nature doing her job, it would appear she is doing it in a very impressive and capable way. Observers are having a harder and harder time finding the oil. They’re already reopening areas of the Gulf to fishing! They’re even opening fisheries! This is horrible news for the Obama administration, because it would appear they’re not going to need that $20 billion to pay people back for all of the damages that the $20 billion were supposed to be needed for.

But wait I forgot………they’ve ALREADY got the money! So that begs the question, after they have successfully swindled BP out of the $20 billion, what are they going to do with the cash? Why do the words “union pension plan bailouts” keep coming to mind?

So with this “greatest environmental disaster in US history” oil spill……… with the endless gajillions of gallons of our most precious “finite” natural resource gushing wildly into the Gulf, have you ever asked yourself “Why haven’t gas prices absolutely skyrocketed?” You have to admit, if there was ever a perfect excuse to jack up the price of gasoline, THIS should be it! Right?

The answer is so obvious, it is hiding in plain sight: There is no crisis. There is no disaster. Compared to what is there, what leaked just ain’t that much. In a little over 90 days, what little that DID leak, is now actually disappearing – getting harder and harder to find with each passing day. And don’t take my word for it, ask Diane Sawyer.

Don’t misconstrue what you’ve just read to conclude that I have no compassion for those areas of the Coast that have been directly affected by this oil spill. Economies have been hurt . Many Gulf Coast working families have been decimated. Genuine personal tragedies have been allowed to develop……………..Because once again, the innocent have been the victims of an unspoken agenda.

There are three things we need to keep in perspective:

1. Maybe if the president hadn’t waited for over a month to respond to this incident and during that time frame, refused over 12 offers of help from other countries to control the spill (trying to keep unions happy), maybe it wouldn’t have gotten out of hand at all.
2. Compared to the total amount of oil available at that drilling site, the amount that leaked was infinitesimal.
3. Mother Nature doesn’t need our help to clean up this mess. Nor does she need our help to control global warming!

But the single most important thing to come out of all this, is that our government continues to play politics with people’s lives!


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